walking distance: 16.8 km
duration: 0:00 h
walking: 0:00 h
elevation diff: 521 m
location: Barrington Tops
driving distance: 247 km
driving time: 3:10 h
water available: yes
parking: -32.1546,151.5280

gps tracks

Total distance: 16868 m
Max elevation: 516 m
Min elevation: 345 m
Total climbing: 524 m
Download file: Rocky-Crossing.gpx


Track notes

0.0km Start at Williams River Picnic Area
0.3km Bridge over Williams River
1.9km Fern Tree Creek Picnic Area
2.3km Blue Gum Loop Track joins Rocky Crossing Track
3.4km Lion Rock (100m side-trip from main track)
4.8km Pool of Reflections (300m side-trip from main track)
7.7km Strangler Fig (50m from main track)
8.8km Junction with track up to William Top car park & picnic area
9.2km Rocky Crossing
15.2km Junction with Blue Gum Loop Track
16.1 Crystal Pool (100m side-trip from main track)
16.8km Return to Williams River Picnic Area


Barrington Tops National Park

Closed areas: Williams River part of park closed due to bushfire
The Williams River section of this park is closed due to bushfire. The closed areas are:

  • Williams River Picnic Area
  • Blue Gum Loop
  • Rocky Crossing Walk
  • Lagoon Pinch Picnic Area
Do not enter the closed areas. Penalties apply for non-compliance. This fire is called Allyn River Road.
For more information, contact the local NPWS office on 6538 5300 or visit the Rural Fire Service website.

Safety alerts: Williams Top Road closed
Williams Top Road has been closed by Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW) due to a landslip. Planning has been conducted and repairs will be undertaken as soon as possible. The closure affects access to the following areas in this park:
  • Lagoon Pinch picnic area
  • Corker trail
  • Wombat Creek campground
  • Careys Peak (via Corker trail)
  • Rocky Crossing walk
For more information on the closure visit the FCNSW website. The road re-opening date is not known at this stage.
Alternate access via Chichester State Forest (Allyn River Rd) may be available but is subject to flooding and varied road conditions.
For information on access to visitor sites in Barrington Tops National Park contact the local NPWS office on 02 6538 5300 or Dungog Visitor Centre on 02 4992 2212.

Closed areas: Phytophthora quarantine area - Barrington Tops National Park
Phytophthora is a mould that causes dieback in plants. It's been found on the plateau in Barrington Tops National Park, predominantly on the Watergauge trail between Beean Beean and Black Swamp. The affected area is under quarantine with absolutely no visitor access.
Phytophthora is readily spread by mud carried by walkers' shoes and mountain-bike tyres. There are boot wash stations across the plateau for walkers to use, to ensure their boots 'Start clean, Stay clean'.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the NPWS Gloucester area office on (02) 6538 5300.



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