walking distance: 1.3 km
duration: 0:00 h
walking: 0:00 h
elevation diff: m
location: Royal National Park
driving distance: 85 km
driving time: 1:15 h
water available: yes
parking: -34.2131,150.9805

gps tracks

Total distance: 1344 m
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Download file: kellys_falls.gpx


Track notes

some ropes on the way down


Royal National Park

Safety alerts: Werrong Beach access track damaged
The Werrong Beach access track has been severely eroded at the beach access point. There are steep and uneven surfaces.
The track is recommended only for very experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills, including navigation and emergency first aid. Tracks are likely to be very rough, steep and unmarked. Walks may be more than 20km.

Closed areas: Areas closed for deer control program
Some areas in Royal National Park are closed to the public between sunset and sunrise to enable a deer control operation to be carried out.
The affected areas include:

  • All picnic areas in the Audley Precinct
  • Asset protection zones adjacent to Maianbar, Bundeena and East Heathcote.
  • Wattamolla and Garie picnic areas
  • North Era campground and coastal areas between Garie Beach and Figure 8 Pools
  • Garrawarra Farm
  • Lady Carrington Drive
  • Bonnie Vale campground and picnic area.
These closures will be signposted at the entry points to the closed areas. If you have approved bookings to camp you can still access campsites during these times.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the Royal National Park Visitor Centre on 02 9542 0648.

Other planned events: 1080 pest management program
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will be conducting an aerial baiting program using dried meat baits containing 1080 poison (sodium fluroacetate) for the control of foxes. The program will take place from Thursday 14 September to Friday 13 October 2023 in Royal National Park. Don’t touch baits. Penalties apply for non-compliance.
All baiting locations are identifiable by signs.
Domestic pets are not permitted in NSW national parks and reserves. Pets and working dogs may be affected (1080 is lethal to cats and dogs). Pets and working dogs must be restrained or muzzled in the vicinity and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.
Fox baiting in this reserve is aimed at improving the eco-health of the reserve by reducing predation of ground dwelling mammals and small birds.
For more information, call the local park office (Audley) on 02 9542 0632 (business hours) or the NPWS after-hours call centre on 1300 056 294 (outside business hours).

Closed areas: Lady Carrington Drive partial closure
A section on the southern side of Lady Carrington Drive is closed from Thursday 7 September to Friday 15 September 2023, to repair a landslide.
The section from the Forest Path junction north to Palona Cave trail will be closed. There will be no access to Palona Cave trail and no through traffic along Lady Carrington Drive during weekdays. Access will be restored for weekends during this construction period.
This closure may be extended and any extension will be posted as soon as possible. 

Safety alerts: Curra Moors track in poor condition
Sections of Curra Moors loop track are in poor condition due to erosion. Please use caution and be aware of unstable edges.
Planning for repairs is in progress. For more information, contact the local NPWS office.

Closed areas: Palm Jungle track closure - Eastern section
Palm Jungle loop track between Burning Palms and Werrong lookout is closed for major upgrade works from Monday 24 July 2023 to Sunday 30 June 2024.
This affects the eastern section of the loop track. You can still access Royal Coast track via Ridge trail.
The affected areas include:
  • Royal Coast track
  • Figure 8 Pools
  • Palm Jungle loop track
For more information, call the Royal National Park Visitor Centre on 02 9542 0648.

Closed areas: North Era campground closed
North Era campground is closed until further notice due to operational activities. For more information please contact the local area office on 02 9542 0632.

Closed areas: Garie Road closed due to damage
Garie Road is closed until further notice due to damage to the road surface.
This road may remain closed for some time to allow for extensive repairs. A reopening date is not currently known.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. Please check Live Traffic NSW for updates before driving to Garie Beach.

Closed areas: The Coast track partial closure - Little Garie
The Coast track is closed between Garie and Little Garie until further notice due to rockfalls and erosion.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office.



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