walking distance: 11.2 km
duration: 0:00 h
walking: 0:00 h
elevation diff: 431 m
location: Popran National Park
driving distance: 86 km
driving time: 1:05 h
water available: yes
parking: -33.3751,151.1936

gps tracks

Total distance: 11225 m
Max elevation: 302 m
Min elevation: 139 m
Total climbing: 431 m
Download file: Emerald-Pool.gpx


Track notes


Popran National Park

Safety alerts: Ironbark Road access to picnic area - Last 850m 4WD only
The last 850m along Ironbark Road (Crown Road) to access Ironbark picnic area is currently limited to 4WD vehicles only. This section is not suitable to conventional 2WD vehicles due to a severely eroded hill along the Crown Road. Visitors to this section of the park travelling by conventional 2WD vehicles will have to walk the last 850 metres to access to the start of the park and Ironbark picnic area.



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