walking distance: 10.5 km
duration: 5:40 h
walking: 10:13 h
elevation diff: 830 m
location: Bungonia
driving distance: 195 km
driving time: 2 h
water available: yes
parking: -34.8015,150.0178

gps tracks

Total distance: 10955 m
Max elevation: 570 m
Min elevation: 118 m
Total climbing: 825 m
Total time: 05:35:57
Download file: 13-11-24bungonia1.gpx
Total distance: 8177 m
Max elevation: 570 m
Min elevation: 115 m
Total climbing: 712 m
Total time: 04:57:33
Download file: 15-11-02-bungonia2_joined.gpx


Track notes

trip notes:
tough descent and ascent. fair bit of walk in a dry river bed on large stones/pebbles.
absolutely stunning canyon with huge marble boulders.
plenty of water available
multiple camping spots
very deep caves nearby

actual timing:
DAY 1:

10:00 start
10:20 detour
11:10 back on track
12:00 half way through descent
not sure when we reached the bottom
not sure when we started to walk
3:00 past the boulders
4:30 reached camping

DAY 2:
10:30 start back
11:15 reached sholaheaven
1:10 start of the climb
3:00 top
3:30 car park


Bungonia National Park

Closed areas: Seasonal Cave Closure for Bats
Chalk Cave (B26) within Bungonia National Park, is closed from 1 May to 30 September to protect breeding and roosting populations of the threatened Large Bent-wing Bat (Miniopteris orianae oceanensis).
The bats have specific habitat requirements and any disturbance of the closed caves mentioned could cause the loss of large numbers of these animals. These animals are protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office

Safety alerts: Bungonia Red walking track - Occasional high water
Whilst there is continuing rainfall periodically in Bungonia National Park, the Bungonia Creek water level may at times be higher than normal.
If you're planning to undertake the Red walking track, please assess water levels before continuing through the Bungonia Slot. If in doubt, turn back. Do not enter flood waters. Report conditions via the park register book on-site.

Bungonia State Conservation Area

Closed areas: Spring Creek Canyon closed due to rockfalls
Spring Creek Canyon in Bungonia State Conservation Area is closed due to rockfalls in the area.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office.



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