walking distance: 7.9 km
duration: 3:49 h
walking: 2:24 h
elevation diff: 367 m
location: Macquarie Pass National Park
driving distance: 147 km
driving time: 1:45 h
water available: yes
parking: -34.5658,150.6623

gps tracks

Total distance: 8020 m
Max elevation: 363 m
Min elevation: 210 m
Total climbing: 397 m
Total time: 03:49:30
Download file: 21-06-01-clover-falls.gpx


Track notes


Macquarie Pass National Park

Closed areas: Macquarie Rivulet - Jump Rock track closed
Access to Macquarie Rivulet (also known as 'Jump Rock') is not permitted. The track is steep and eroded, and contains unstable surfaces, cliffs and drop offs.
There is a high risk of injury from falls from heights. Do not enter the closed areas of this park.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information call 1300 072 757.

Closed areas: Informal track to Clover Falls is is closed due to rockfall risk
Due to a recent rockfall the unsanctioned walking track from the end of Clover Hill Road at Macquarie Rivulet to Clover Hill Falls is closed until geotechnical assessment has been conducted..

Closed areas: Restricted access to Macquarie Rivulet
There is no access to Macquarie Rivulet from Mount Murray, at the top of Macquarie Pass. If you access the rivulet from the top of the escarpment, you will be trespassing on private property. Access to Macquarie Rivulet is only permitted via Clover Hill Road.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please call the NPWS Illawarra area office on 02 4224 4188.



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