walking distance: 11 km
location: nattai
driving distance: 100 km
driving time: 1:15 h
elevation diff: 450 m
water available: yes
parking: -34.2515,150.6069

gps tracks

Total distance: 10655 m
Max elevation: 269 m
Min elevation: 148 m
Total climbing: 446 m
Total descent: -468 m
Total time: 05:39:47
Download file: 19-10-01-tahmoor-gorge.gpx
Total distance: 11437 m
Max elevation: 267 m
Min elevation: 147 m
Total climbing: 526 m
Total descent: -547 m
Total time: 06:15:51
Download file: 20-06-01-tahmoor-gorge2.gpx


Track notes


Nattai National Park

Closed areas: W4I Fire Trail
The W4I Fire Trail within  Nattai National Park  is closed for fire trail maintenance from Thursday 26th February to Monday 8th March 2021.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office 



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