walking distance: 1.5 km
duration: 1:36 h
walking: 0:54 h
elevation diff: 172 m
location: watagan
driving distance: km
driving time: h
water available:
parking: -33.0133,151.4305

gps tracks

Total distance: 1731 m
Max elevation: 264 m
Min elevation: 148 m
Total climbing: 164 m
Total time: 01:36:01
Download file: Waterfall.gpx


Track notes

open street maps have the trail and the waterfall marked – update the gps track


Watagans National Park

Safety alerts: Road closures
All roads in Watagans National Park are unsealed, and not readily accessible by 2WD vehicles. Closed roads include:

  • Watagan Forest Road
  • Carrolls Road
The closures are due to rain and 4WD damage. Please do not drive on these roads as they are hazardous, and recovery vehicles may not be able to reach a stranded vehicle driver.
For more information, please call the NPWS Lake Munmorah area office on 02 4972 9000.

Safety alerts: Bowmans Road and Harris fire trail roadworks
Roadworks will occur on Bowmans Road and Harris fire trail from Tuesday 7 June to Thursday 30 June 2022.
Please avoid using this road and trial while work is underway. Large plant and machinery will be working on these narrow fire trails.
For further information, please contact the NPWS Lake Munmorah area office on 02 4972 9000.

Safety alerts: Part of Watagan Road not suitable for 2WD vehicles
Watagan Road from the cattle grid at the southern end of Heaton Road south, uphill to the second cattle grid at the Watagans National Park boundary, is currently not suitable for 2WD vehicles.
This council road is rough and steep in sections because of erosion caused by rain and vehicle traffic. The road is also obstructed by a fallen tree and rock debris. This road should only be used for essential traffic. Take care and drive safely.
Roadworks planned to begin in May 2022 have been deferred to the new financial year.
For more information, contact the local NPWS Lake Munmorah area office on 02 4972 9000.

Safety alerts: Landslip on Watagan Forest Road - Drive with caution
A landslip has recently occurred below Watagan Forest Road between Pile Road and Carrolls Road. Vehicle access is now restricted to a single lane. Please slow down, exercise caution and don't overtake other vehicles. The road may need to be closed if heavy rain threatens the site. 
For further information please contact the NPWS Lake Munmorah area office on 02 4972 9000.

Closed areas: Campgrounds closed due to road damage and landslide
There is no visitor access along Bangalow Road due to significant road damage and new landslides. The following areas remain closed:
  • Bangalow campground
  • Gap Creek campground
  • Gap Creek picnic area 
  • Gap Creek Falls walking tracks
The entry gate will remain locked and there will be no visitor access, including pedestrians.
NPWS is aiming to have all work completed and visitor access restored prior to the end of August 2022. Delays in preparing the tender documents, heavy rain, new landslips and COVID staff shortages have again delayed work commencing.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For further information please contact the NPWS Central Coast area office at Lake Munmorah on 02 4972 9000.

Closed areas: Click Creek fire trail and Slippery Rock Road
Click Creek fire trail is closed due to extensive storm damage. The trail will remain closed until maintenance works can be completed. Slippery Rock Road is closed due to eroded surfaces making conditions unsafe. The road will reopen, subject to consent conditions once maintenance work is completed. 
Penalties apply for non-compliance For more information, contact the NPWS Central Coast Lake Munmorah area office on 02 4972 9000 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.



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