walking distance: 3.9 km
duration: 4:24 h
walking: 1:09 h
elevation diff: 263 m
location: bouddi
driving distance: 88 km
driving time: 1:30 h
water available: creek on tallow beach
parking: -33.5342,151.3472

gps tracks

Total distance: 3989 m
Max elevation: 99 m
Min elevation: 8 m
Total climbing: 277 m
Total time: 04:24:45
Download file: 16-02-28-box_head.gpx
Total distance: 5218 m
Max elevation: 112 m
Min elevation: -3 m
Total climbing: 291 m
Total time: 04:34:22
Download file: 20-04-02-box-head.gpx


Track notes


PHOTO GALLERY "16-02-01-box_head" (2016-02-28 10:56:56)















Bouddi National Park

Closed areas: Campgrounds closed due to COVID-19 restrictions
Some NPWS campgrounds and accommodation are closed as a result of the NSW Government’s stay-at-home restrictions. Find out more on our COVID-19 update webpage.

Closed areas: Bouddi coastal walk partially closed - track upgrade
From Tuesday 31 August to Tuesday 9 November 2021, Bouddi coastal walk will be closed between the eastern end of Maitland Bay beach and the junction of Mount Bouddi walking track.
This section of the walk is closed for construction works to upgrade it, and to ensure the safety of visitors and construction staff. There is no alternative route during this time. 
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, contact the local NPWS office on 02 4320 4200.

Closed areas: Maitland Bay Information Centre closed due to COVID-19
The Maitland Bay Information Centre in Bouddi National Park is closed from Thursday 15 July until further notice, to protect health and safety of our volunteers, visitors and staff, in-line with current NSW Health orders.
Please comply with the current COVID-19 rules if visiting the local national park during this time. Penalties apply for non-compliance. Check the COVID-19 update page for more information.

Closed areas: Old Wagstaffe trail - no access through private property
There is no public access to Old Wagstaffe trail through private property. Signs show where public access is not permitted. 
Penalties apply for non-compliance
For more information, please contact the NPWS Hawkesbury North area office on 02 4320 4200 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.



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