walking distance: 5.9 km
duration: 4:48 h
walking: 2:09 h
elevation diff: 766 m
location: Blue Mountains
driving distance: 104 km
driving time: 1:30 h
water available:
parking: -33.5992,150.2573

gps tracks

Total distance: 6370 m
Max elevation: 1115 m
Min elevation: 905 m
Total climbing: 796 m
Total time: 04:47:52
Download file: 20-05-02-mt-victoria-exploarion2.gpx


Track notes

Beautiful walk mostly on climbers paths with one hard section off track on a steep slope below cliffs.


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Blue Mountains National Park

Closed areas: Parts of Blue Mountains National Park closed
Many walking tracks, roads and fire trails within Blue Mountains National Park remain closed following sustained wet weather, subsequent geological instability or infrastructure upgrades. As sites are re-opened, we remind visitors that these areas have been subject to long periods of high rainfall, and landslides, rockfall and treefall can occur without notice.
Please check which areas are closed before travelling.
The following areas are closed:
Katoomba and Leura

  • Kedumba Pass and Sublime Point fire trails
  • Gordon Falls track and lookout closed from Monday 2 May 2022 due to track work
  • Lillian's Bridge track - closure at junction of Inspiration Point track. No through access to Valley of the Waters and the Conservation Hut due to a major landslide  
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk between Gordon Falls lookout and Olympian lookout, due to landslides. Visit the Blue Mountains City Council website for information
  • Prince Henry Cliff walk between Lady Darley lookout and Cliff View lookout due to trackwork
  • Amphitheatre track
  • Bridal Veil lookout (west of Leura Cascades) is closed from 15 June 2022 to approximately the end of August 2022 for upgrade works
  • Lone Lyrebird track between Gordon Road and the War Memorial, due to a major washout
  • Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell walking tracks
  • Golf Links lookout to Carleton Road, Leura, is closed Monday to Friday for trackwork
  • Dardanelles Pass loop walking track
  • Giant Stairway
  • No access from Echo Point to Scenic World via Giant Stairs and Dardanelles Pass
  • Narrow Neck trail can only be accessed from Golden Stairs and Tarros Ladders
  • Ruined Castle walking track 
  • Six Foot Track - Nellies Glen to Megalong Valley
Wentworth Falls
  • Nature track closed between Edinburgh Castle Rock and Lillian's Bridge due to landslide
  • Valley of Waters walking track closed below Sylvia Falls
  • Charles Darwin walk
  • National Pass
  • Wentworth Pass
  • No access to Conservation Hut parking area or visitor facilities
  • Kedumba River Crossing campground
Blackheath, Medlow Bath, Megalong Valley, Mount Victoria and Bells Line
  • All access tracks into the Grose Valley are closed, including Perrys Lookdown track, Shortridge Pass (Lockleys Pylon to Blue Gum), Victoria Falls walking track, Govetts Descent, Horse track, Rodriguez Pass and Pierces Pass.
  • Braeside walking track due to track work (Braeside fire trail is open to cyclists and walkers.)
  • Walls Cave walking track due to trackwork
  • Evans lookout  
  • Blue Gum Forest
  • Acacia Flat campground
  • Perrys Lookdown campground
  • Pulpit walking track and Pulpit Rock lookout
Lawson, Woodford, Hazelbrook
  • Murphys Glen Road closed to vehicles (open to walkers and cyclists).  
  • Murphys Glen campground closed until Friday 15 July 2022 to allow for roadworks and camp ground improvements
  • Empire Pass
Canyons and rock climbing
  • Empress Canyon is closed  
  • Climbing and canyoning areas in the Blue Mountains are open unless the access road is closed or the site is listed in this alert.
Grade 5 tracks and off-trail areas
Grade 5 tracks and off-trail areas are open, excluding those listed below. Grade 5 tracks are for very experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills such as advanced navigation and emergency first aid. Please visit this page for further information on track grades.
If you plan on embarking on Grade 5 tracks and undertaking off-trail activities, please be aware of the likelihood of changed conditions and consider current safety advice.
Closed Grade 5 tracks:
  • Mount Solitary loop due to landslides near Ruined Castle
  • K2K (Kanangra to Katoomba) access only available from either Green Gully (Dunphy's campground), Kanangra Walls or Furber Stairs. Narrow Neck Plateau is only accessible from Golden Stairs and Tarros Ladders. Also note: Due to the ongoing wet conditions, Coxs River can flood at short notice and may be impassable. Walkers should check conditions before departing.
  • Shortridge Pass from Lockleys Pylon to Blue Gum
  • Roberts Pass
  • Lindeman Pass
  • Rodriguez Pass
  • Govetts Descent
  • Horse track
  • Vera Falls and Hippocrene Falls walking tracks
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the local office.

Closed areas: Conservation Hut and Evans lookout visitor precinct upgrades - areas closed
The visitor precincts at Evans lookout, Blackheath and Conservation Hut (Valley of the Waters), Wentworth Falls are closed for upgrades from Monday 2 May to early September 2022.
The works include construction of new accessible toilet blocks, pathways and improvements to the lookouts and car parks.
The carparks, toilets and lookouts will be closed during construction.
Walking track access will be provided to walking tracks that are open.
Track closures are updated regularly, check our alerts page for updates.
The upgrades are part of the NSW government infrastructure investment. More detail can be found on this web page or by calling the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre on 02 4787 8877.

Safety alerts: Colong-Oberon Stock Route - 4WD access only
4WD vehicles are required along Oberon-Colong stock route to Yerranderie. Recent wet weather has caused slippery conditions with large muddy sections. Drive carefully and be aware of road conditions.
For more information, please call Wollondilly Shire Council on (02) 4677 1100.

Closed areas: Entry to Burralow Creek campground via Tabaraga Ridge fire trail closed
Burralow Creek campground is open from Friday 3 June 2022. However, Tabaraga Ridge fire trail is closed to vehicles until further notice, due to:
  • significant flood damage
  • multiple treefalls
  • a landslip impacting the trail surface
The only access now open to Burralow campground is via Paterson Range fire trail. Enter near the Bilpin Fruitbowl, via Bells Line of Road. 4WD access only.
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, call the local NPWS office on 02 4632 4500.

Other planned events: Notice of Ongoing 1080 program
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is conducting ongoing ground baiting programs in Blue Mountains National Park from Monday 2nd May to Wednesday 2nd November 2022.
The operation will use meat baits, meat bait products and canid pest ejectors containing 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) poison for the control of wild dogs and foxes.
The program is designed to minimise predator impacts on wildlife, especially threatened species, and to minimise impact of wild dogs on neighbouring stock.
Signs will be placed at the entry to the baiting location. Domestic pets are not permitted in NSW National Parks managed lands. Pets and working dogs may be affected (1080 is lethal to cats and dogs). Pets and working dogs must be restrained or muzzled in the vicinity and must not enter the baiting location. In the event of accidental poisoning seek immediate veterinary assistance.
Please contact the local Kanangra NPWS area office at Oberon on 6336 6200 for more information.

Closed areas: Waratah Native Gardens picnic area closed
Waratah Native Gardens picnic area is closed until further notice. This includes Gorge walking track. No access to the area is permitted. 
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the NPWS Hawkesbury-Nattai area office on 02 4588 2400 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Other incidents: Oaks Singles track undergoing maintenance
Maintenance works are underway on Oaks Singles track from Friday 28 January 2022, due to erosion issues and major safety concerns.
The track will undergo vegetation maintenance followed by the addition of sandstone surface to stabilise some sections and rock armouring in poorly drained sections.
For more information, call the local NPWS office on 02 4632 4500.



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